The MSc programme in Film, Exhibition & Curation encourages students to combine rigorous academic study and critical thinking with their own experiments in creative practice. Students are taught in small groups and are encouraged to pursue original research: working independently and in managed projects; in small groups or in collaborative partnerships both inside and beyond the university. Where it serves both the research and the relevant professional body students will often combine their final project studies with elements of embedded research.

There are a range of different types of assignments – from essays, through pitches and report and proposal writing, to curated events and programming  – and we work with students to identify and develop their own fields of knowledge and competences. These innovative approaches to assessment mean that students are supported (not exposed) in producing experimental work. The programme creates an environment in which they can take informed risks; deepen their knowledge of film, discover themselves as reflective professionals; and develop an informed, individual and authoritative curatorial voice.Students in FEC combine rigorous academic study with considerations of how theory translates to industry and creative professional practice. They do this through early curatorial projects and professional collaborations before embarking on their particular areas of interest which will often

Here are some examples: