Home to one of the oldest and most established universities in the UK, Edinburgh is a beautiful and friendly city with a vibrant cultural life that not only includes the biggest international arts festival in the world but also the longest continually running film festival.The city is home to a large community of cinephiles and film researchers who exploit Edinburgh’s cinematic resources to the full.

The University of Edinburgh offers postgraduate MSc programmes in Film Studies and Film, Exhibition and Curation as well as a Research MSc in Film Studies and the PhD in Film Studies. Please follow this link for a full overview of what we offer: FILM STUDIES

There is a lot on offer around the town. Two art house venues, The Cameo and The Edinburgh Filmhouse show a more varied programme than any other cinemas in the country. In addition to bringing a wide range of current independent and foreign language films to the notice of Edinburgh audiences they also host numerous festivals, retrospectives and events throughout the year. This list includs Africa in Motion, The Middle Eastern Film Festival, Dead by Dawn horror festival, The Edinburgh International Film Festival and much more. The Edinburgh Film Guild shows over 100 rarely seen films from all over the world each year. Their 82nd season included retrospectives on The Queens of Screwball Comedy, Mahgreb and North African Cinema, Native American Cinema and Easrly Ozu. Less than an hour away is the Glasgow Film Theatre with events throughout the year and home to the third biggest film festival in the UK. There are numerous galleries exhibiting an endless variety of picture in motion and many, like Stills, host  workshops and seminars open to students at the University. There are also three multiplex cinemas within easy reach of the city centre showing all the mainstream and commercial cinema on current release. And that’s not all. The University of Edinburgh has its own Film Society and also programmes films at the Filmhouse for a number of courses. Also, Launched in 2008, Diversions Film Festival is a collaboration between the Film Studies section of the University of Edinburgh and the city’s premier art-house cinema Filmhouse. It is the only dedicated platform for the exhibition of experimental film and video in Edinburgh. Bringing historical classics together with contemporary works, the festival aims to foster an awareness of challenging and innovative filmmaking from around the world. There is much more, of course, but this will give you an idea of why the University of Edinburgh is such an excellent location for the study of film. Want to know more about the The University of Edinburgh as a whole? Watch this official welcome clip.