Actiive learning & teaching

Programme Director Jane SIllars

The programme directors, Susan Kemp and Jane Sillars, bring a wealth of professional experience to the design and delivery of the Film, Exhibition and Curation Masters. They have spent their careers engaged in thinking about, making, programming, teaching, researching, writing about, talking about and curating film.

Programme Director Susan Kemp

The programme draws on their involvement and expertise in academic, archive, industry and policy research;  festival work and festival programming; documentary making; arts broadcasting and arts journalism; writing and publishing; film education.; and in the study and practice of film curation.

This experience is utilised in the construction of a programme of study which will help students to understand and crucially to navigate the different spaces in which film circulates; and within which different languages and concepts of film are used. The integration of critical, theoretical, applied and reflective approaches to film has been central to our careers, and is central to the ethos and design of Film, Exhibition and Curation.

Students are offered a high degree of individual engagement. This enables you to identify and invest in areas of interest and strength.Students are encouraged to use their period of Masters study to design and build their own portfolio of specialisms, skills, curatorial activity and research. Expert supervision will direct you through this process to ensure your study works to serve your own professional goals and to help navigate your route through a rapidly changing professional landscape.

” I want to thank you for a great academic year/experience/whatever. You are the nicest-kindest-bestest people I ever get to interact with. And I know people, many of ’em. So once again thank you for everything you’ve done for us” Theodore Karamanolis

“FEC was truly one of the most valuable formative experiences for me that helped calibrate my professional compass, I refer back to it when I need to find my North again! “Charlotte Mickelwright’

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