Embedded Research

As students begin to crystallise their goals in terms of a specific area of research or career we often find that matching the student and the research with an organisation or institute such as a cinema or a gallery works in the interests of both. These possibilities depend, of course, on the quality of work undertaken by the student, their previous experience and how that all tallies with the direction of travel of the paired professional body.

MSc Film, Exhibition and Curation students have previously been placed, or have won internships, across a wide range of professional and industry bodies. Embedded research projects undertaken by MSc Film, Exhibition and Curation students as part of their studies include:

  • internship at New York film distribution company investigating transnational film and television BLOG POST
  • embedded research within the Ecomusée d’Alsace BLOG POST
  • internship working at the American pavilion at Cannes
  • archivist internship at Chicago International Film Festival
  • embedded research within Secret Cinema
  • Skillset Media Archivist traineeship award
  • internship at Microscope Gallery in New York City (funded by winning a Principal’s Go Abroad scholarship)
  • internship at Berwick Film and Media Arts festival investigating site specific cinema
  • embedded research within Open Cinema, working with homeless and marginalised communities in London
  • audience research with youth audiences undertaken for the Hippodrome Festival of Silent Cinema, Boness
  • developing programming of Chinese cinema for the Confucius Institute and Filmhouse
  • working on screen dance at Light Moves festival, Limerick
  • archivist internship at Alsace Folk Museum
  • internship working at the Chinese pavilion at Cannes
  • internship shadowing curator and artist Stuart Sutcliffe at Talbot Rice Gallery
  • embedded research with the Scottish Documentary Institute working on the Moving Docs initiative