Curatorial Projects

The list below covers some of the curatorial projects undertaken by Film, Exhibition and Curation students to investigate research questions around exhibition and curation.

‘Hello Comrades’ – two day pop up festival in Edinburgh College of Art on Russian and Chinese communism and kitsch



Supressed/ Expressed. FEC students created a programme of short films for this year’s Scottish Mental Health Film Festival.



‘Short Stop’ — an unconventional projection of experimental short films.



‘An Exercise in Bad Taste’ – two day pop-up festival in Edinburgh



Film poetry screenings and workshops event in Edinburgh arts centre



‘Electric City’ film event at Hidden Door Festival



Curating Colombian cinema events across Scotland



‘All the World’s a Screen’ screenings and performance exploring Shakespeare on screen



‘Midnight Sun’ sell out expanded cinema event at Edinburgh International Film Festival


‘Invisible Women’ project, curating and screening the work of lost women film-makers


‘Intermission’ an experiment in alternative ways of screening short films



‘First Film Festival’, FEC students programmed the first UK screenings for one of China’s fastest growing festivals for emergent film-makers