Creative Collaborations

Students are given the opportunity to build their skills in and understanding of curation through a series of managed projects in advance of their independent work on their Final Projects. Generally these projects have involved creative collaborations; and projects involving the whole student cohort have been undertaken in semester two.

Since 2010 the programme has worked closely with the second and third largest film festivals in the UK – the Glasgow Film Festival and the Edinburgh International Film Festival and is embarking on a new project with the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

Some of those projects include:


A creative experiment in curation using archive cinema, live music and dance; staged in the Joytown Grand Electric Theatre Cinema in Glasgow’s Chinatown

FEC student reflection on event


‘Surveillance to Selfie’

surveillance to selfie groupA weekend of events at the Glasgow Film Festival this year. Three groups took charge of three different aspects of Surveillance to Selfie: Surveillance Now Playing, To Selfie or Not to Selfie and a surveillance themed archive installation.




‘Anatomy of a Short Film Porgramme’

46Students were invited to create a programme of shorts for the Glasgow Short Film Festival that somehow analysed and made visible the curatorial process. After a number of weeks thinking and planning the students created a feature-length film essay which contained a short film programme. Here is a link to the film: Anatomy of a Short Film Programme

‘Power Suit Yourself’

A celebration of power dressing, featuring screenings of Mildred Pierce, Working Girl, and discussions, rounded off with a 1980s karaoke disco (and lashings of hairspray)




Re-encountering the creative experimentation of the Weimar era through screenings, The Adventures of Prince Ahmed, Blue Angel, and an evening of cabaret rounded off with some cabaroake.’

FEC student reflection on event


‘Nort Atlantik Drift: A Day of Shetland’

A day of events exploring life on the Shetland islands with screenings Nort Atlantik Drift: A Portrait of Robert Alan Jamieson, I Know Where I’m Going and a Fjanna (Shetlandic celebration)



‘The Stasi Are Among Us’

A two day series of screenings, exhibitions and discussions with invited German film-makers and curators on censorship and the film and exhibition cultures of East Germany