The Film, Exhibition & Curation (formerly FiPS) programme proved to be the perfect launchpad for an exciting career in film, technology, and education, writes Corey Boling. Upon graduating in 2011, I’ve since spent my days interning at the Guggenheim Museum, working at the Tribeca Film Institute, and I even founding my very own international nonprofit film organization called FILMMAKERS WITHOUT BORDERS. These days, I spend my time traveling around the world teaching filmmaking and media literacy to underserved students in places like Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Peru, Tanzania, and Thailand. Whether helping youth create their own short film and multimedia projects or producing community screenings of student work across Africa, Asia, and Latin America, it’s clear to me that my time in Edinburgh was a dynamic and formative chapter that continues to inform every aspect of my daily life!

Tina Chan, graduate of MSc Film, Exhibition and Curation 2011/13 writes to tell of her very exciting career since completing the course. We’re so proud of her:

I always remember you and Jane and what I learned in your classes. Those days in Edinburgh always come to my mind. It’s been fantastic to turn knowledge gained in school into real event practice. Normally my work is helping promote films made in Taiwan especially those shot in Taipei, and so I have had the chance to come into contact with Taiwanese film makers,critics,reporters and to know more about this field. I feel lucky and honored to have met and to hold events for three honorable directors so far since I got back to Taiwan and started my current job,They were Ang Lee, Luc Besson and Martin Scorsese.




lanquing graduationLanqing (2013/14) writes to tell us the great news that she has been employed by Beijing United Entertainment Partner Culture & Media Co as Operation Assistant in the International Operation Department of UEP, a film distribution company based in Beijing, China. UEP is the first company that cooperates with Hollywood studios (Sony/Columbia pictures) to do the job of marketing in China.  UEP has become a strategic partner with many famous film and media companies. It also has close cooperation with many well-known film production teams from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao. UEP has been distributing films like The amazing Spider Man 2, The Smurfs 2 and Grace of Monaco, etc. in China.
Last year UEP set their branch company in LA and Australia, and they plan to set one in London and another on in Paris this year. The job I’m doing now is writing a UK film market report, which is one of the preparatory tasks for supporting the setting of the new company in London. Lanqing’s department, she explains, is like the bridge between the head office in China and the branch companies abroad. Besides doing various job for support the oversea companies, her department also sells Chinese films to the international market and brings overseas products to China.Lanquing card




150323_RaabFEC graduate Rebecca Raab  (2013/14) writes with exciting news about the development of her career in film exhibition.

After having graduated from the MSc programme in Film, Exhibition and Curation I started a traineeship with the South West German Film Fund in Stuttgart in March 2015. I really enjoy my first job and feel there’s a lot to benefit from previous internships with international film festivals and my degree in Edinburgh. I especially enjoy working at the intersection between the mechanisms of cultural policies and the film industry. As a trainee with the event management and communication department I get an interesting insight in the different dynamics of film development, production and distribution against the background of a regional film fund which is, in turn, embedded into the federal system of German film funding. I’m enthusiastic about assisting the team with the organization of award ceremonies with international film festivals and local film premiers as well as dessigning regular networking events for producers and script writers. Moreover I am also in charge of the film fund’s print media and online communication plattforms. I am curios about the experiences this year of training on the job will come with and the films I will come across!
Here’s the link of the film fund’s website I keep up to date (unfortunately it’s only in German)


Sarah Rice Final Project 2013For her final project, Sarah Rice (2012-13) investigated archive and newsreels from the second world war. She created a live event which used the archive in an innovative, creative way mixing a scripted live performance with an installation of pre-edited archive and sound. She managed to perform this as part of the Edinburgh Fringe (only a couple of weeks before hand-in day) but having done such excellent work in advance of the performance the reflection on this particularly adventurous engagement with audiences served the whole submission very well. The great news is that the short film, subsequently produced, has been selected for the Imperial War Museum Film Festival. That’s just brilliant. Well done Sarah. She took the time to write to us to thank us for our help and the opportunities offered over the year and we are chuffed to bits:

‘I’m really excited and happy to see that it was able to have a little life after graduation and in such a fitting environment as a war museum!  I just wanted to thank you guys for that amazing year I had in Edinburgh and for helping out so much with your direction on my dissertation.  I feel like my strange little idea found a home for itself and I’m hoping to be able to travel over for the awards ceremony in December.  If so, I will definitely be swinging by Edinburgh to stop by the ol’ stomping grounds!’

Here’s a wee image I (Susan) took at the event – very short and nothing like the film itself.

lineup-splashNatalia Gonzalez Herrera (12/13) After graduating from FIPS I got an internship in London at the cultural area of the Embassy of Mexico in the UK. I was there for three months working on the preparations for the activities that will be held in 2015, the year of Mexico in the UK and the UK in Mexico. A great professional experience after writing my master’s dissertation about the Mexican Film Industry and its impact abroad. I am now working in the production of a project called Papantla Brilla (Papantla Shines), in Papantla one of the venues of the Cumbre Tajín festival, celebrated in the Mexican state of Veracruz. The project consists of light art installations, crafted by local people, that will be placed throughout the town.  Film production workshops will take place for visitors and locals, and the videos produced will be screened in the central square’s pavilion. This is the link for the festival:


20140219-bfi-flare-london-lgbt-film-festival-programme-launch-2014-1000x750Parissima Darabiha (11/12) as been been at the BFI for the past few months and tells us, ‘I got my foot in, working on the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (now known as BFI Flare) for a while. And now I’m back, working on their new releases. It’s just a temp job, but still, it’s quite exciting. And it wouldn’t have been possible without the two of you, and the amazing adventure that was the FIPS (FEC) course’.




IMG_4989Emma Fyvie (11/12): ” Since graduating in 2012 I’ve been working in arts PR and, most recently, heading up the guest department at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. I’ve worked for EIFF in various capacities and have loved being part of its evolution since 2011. One thing I never get to do during the festival is see films – a habit that has seeped into my free time as now, instead of being a regular cinema-goer, I flit between the ease of Netflix and the novelty of one-off film events that offer something beyond the standard multiplex experience.”




Cosima AmIMG_4887elang (11/12):” FiPS was the first program that actively encouraged me to apply my learning outside the classroom. The city of Edinburgh and its wealth of cultural resources were as central to the course as weekly seminars and readings, giving me the chance not only to observe but to directly contribute to the vibrant arts scene extending beyond the University. I am especially grateful to the program for smoothing the transition to the “real world” after study; the many qualified professionals who visited as lecturers helped me gain a clear understanding of which sectors of the job market I was truly interested in exploring, as well as offering me the background knowledge to feel comfortable in pursuing these opportunities. The achievement of such a high degree of personal growth in the course of one year would not have been possible without the invaluable support of the program directors, who were always accessible and incredibly helpful.”



Sarah Rice, Paulina Kowalczyk, Jenny Wang

Paulina Kowalczyk( 12/13) Finished up her internship at MOMA New York, and returned to Poland for a new job which she has just started: ” I was running around the whole last week. At the moment I’m an Exhibition Coordinator at the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle – I’m mostly responsible for audiovisual events, video performances and screenings. Looks good as of now, but it’s hard to tell, as my first events is scheduled on this Tuesday. I do watch a lot of documentaries – my new obsession, I hope to bring some of them here.”






Daniel Thornton (12/13) Daniel has developed a beautiful way with photography as his pastime, see pic on left but has also been busy

pursuing his film-making and developing his research into the accessibility of films: “After leaving FIPS, I presented some of my research findings at the STP&A Conference in October and then accompanied Dr. David Feeney to Berkeley to present further presentations for More Than Meets the Eye there. I have been working on a feature length doc in Ayrshire, my short film From Johannesburg to Edinburgh premiered at McEwan Hall in December and I’m producing a feature that will be shot in Seattle in May/June.






Since completed the course, Theodore Karamanolis had to serve in the Greek army where, tongue-in-cheek he tells us he leaned toIMG_4900 become a man. He goes on to tell us that “I learned how to bake choko cookies. I continued writing in Greek on some sites and zines and kept on visiting festivals any time possible. Since December I joined Hara in AnimaSyros where they’ve given me the fancy title of program coordinator ( I’m mostly doing programming). Hara is a Production Coordinator btw, much fancier. Me and Hara share some common projects for the future (like FutureShorts GR, the We Want Cinema platform) but we’re mostly looking for a window of opportunity to flee the country.




Maija Hietala (2011/12) has recently left her post at the Screen Academy to take up a new post at the Edinburgh International Film Festival as Industry and Talent Development Coordinator. She’s really very excited to be doing this new role with all its new challenges. We can’t wait to hear more about it.




Heath Iverson (2010/11) curated a series of films about environmental activism at last year’s Venice Biennale, which was very exciting and he came back to the University to talk to FEC students about the experience.  The projection equipment travelled around Venice on a specially created bicycle and the films were shown on walls around the city. No easy task in bustling festival. But that’s not all Heath has been up to. He is still pursuing his PhD in film studies at St Andrews, where he’s  researching experimental cinema and its connection to landscape and environmental issues. He’s teaching undergraduate modules in film theory and has presented papers at several conferences, including the recent event hosted by the Eurpean Network for Cinema Studies, where he gave a talk on ecological themes in contemporary British Artists cinema. Additionally, several of his own short films were screened at an event entitled ‘Dispatches from Abstract Currents’  ( at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Last summer, worked for 40 Frames, an archive and on going resource for 16mm filmmakers. (


Former student Corey Boling (2011/12) sent us a link to a video of the work he is involved with at Tribeca in New York. It looks like fun.

IMG_1061Paulina Kowalczyk (2012/13) wrote to say: “I wanted just to thank you one more time for all your help and time as in the end I got the internship at the MoMA’s Film Department (my dream). That was quite unexpected, but after dealing with few visa issues I managed to move to New York and joined the group of interns. It is amazing here – I have just arrived yesterday and started at the MoMA today. Hope it’s going to get even better. It is really great that I got this chance to experience really different work environments (Secret Cinema and now MoMA). Thank you one more time!




Hara Vlachou (2011/12): Last month, as the production coordinator of Animasyros International Animation Festival, I produced a number of workshops and conferences. But I wanted to let you know about another fantastic experience as a participant on ‘Developing Your Festival’, a part of Motovun Film Festival. The 7-day workshop run by the Independent Cinem Office in the UK. It was really one of the best experiences of my life — after the 1 year master course in Edinburgh!  I firmly believe every postgraduate of Msc Film, Exhibition and Curatorship must apply for this programme next year! ICO Training.


IMG_5213Cosima Amelang (2011/12): In July, I headed down to Trinidad & Tobago to serve on a jury reviewing proposals for children’s content production on behalf of the Trinidad & Tobago Film Company. I had some great discussions with my fellow jurors, and learned an incredible amount about the local film and television industry – a fantastic experience overall. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the final outcomes of the proposals we chose, and hope to have the chance to bring these creative voices from the Caribbean back to U.S. on behalf of the Children’s Film Festival Seattle.




IMG_4943Maija Heitala (2011/12):  During my studies in the MSc. Film, Exhibition and Curation programme I added to my previous work experience in arts and film festivals by volunteering at Africa in Motion Film Festival and DocPoint Helsinki International Documentary Film Festival. While finishing up the course I worked as Guest Services Assistant at Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2012 which led to the position of Guest Coordinator at the festival this year. The Guest Services department at EIFF is an extremely hectic and fast-paced festival environment to work in with long hours but overall the job is very rewarding and a lot of fun! The best part of the job is working with like-minded amazing colleagues and meeting filmmakers and talent from all over the world as well as seeing the films in the programme. At the moment I have a job as Administrator at Screen Academy Scotland, working on their Screen NETS and Lo-fi projects which I am thoroughly enjoying while also working on the ‘New Cinema’ programme for the Edinburgh Film Guild, which is a series of films to be shown monthly at the Filmhouse in Edinburgh. The programme has yet to be announced in full but you can check out the website here: