Alumni News

We are delighted and proud to have news from two recent graduates Kaifan and Tianyi.

timescapes-e1552654650262Kaifan writes to tell us, ‘ I just got admitted to the Ph.D. Cinema Studies programme of NYU Tisch.  The admission also comes with the Corrigan Fellowship, which will cover the tuition, fees, and hopefully most of my expense in New York for the next five to seven years. So yeah, it’s great news! As for now, I’m working at the Shanghai International Film Festival as the Programme Editor-in-Chief until late June. The job primarily means putting together the huge catalogue with all the basic information of the five hundred films that are about to screen in this year’s festival.’

We are soooo proud of Kaifan and are extremely chuffed that she took the time to also add: ‘I can never thank you enough for your patience, support, and the experience you offered me in Edinburgh. You have given me the qualities and confidence to apply to this programme, and I owe you guys forever a debt of my gratitude. Thank you again for everything!’

It was an absolute pleasure to teach you, Kaifan and we wish you all the best with your future development and the challenges we know you will enjoy.

4731521353023_.pic_hdColleagues from the University of Edinburgh, who have been consulting with programme director Susan Kemp on a documentary about their research project on the Phantom of the Opera, were recently in Beijing doing some filming in the Beijing arthouse cinema where they met FEC graduate Tianyi who works as a programmer there. Tianyi was delighted withTianyi this connection to FEC and wrote to tell us that: I was so excited to meet people from Edinburgh and heard that FEC is connected to this project which will show the place where I work and people who I work with. This cute connection really reminds me of my master’s time in UoE with Susan and Jane, as well as my coursemates. Now, I am finally settled down as a programmer for an arthouse cinema, thank you again for everything you have taught me. I look forward to seeing u in Europe or Asia very much! Good luck with your project!