Update from Yishu Wang (2015)

4691521351515_.pic_hdAfter the year at FEC I soon went back to China wishing to get a job in film. Lucky enough (thanks, in large part, to my FEC degree and knowledge), I started as a programmer at one of the most important film festivals in China, FIRST International Film Festival, almost immediately when I was back in China. I really enjoy working with a group of very talented colleagues who share some really interesting and open ideas on film curation, and I use much of what I have experienced and learnt through FEC. Though the job comes with massive workload and great pressure, I believe this is the job most close to my imagination of real festival curation within the Chinese cinema’s context.
What urged me to finally write this email is a sudden feeling of dreams coming true.4701521352927_.pic_hd (Please don’t blame me for writing so late :P) In the recent month, I felt a very nice “homecoming” emotion: I just got off a video meeting with Noemi (2017)as she working on a tour of Chinese films. Tianyi (2017) is back in Beijing for a film curation job. We got to know each other last year when she is hosting the tour screening programme that I run at my festival. We talked about Chinese FEC students and are thrilled to realize that we now have students from 5 years of FEC working in film in Beijing. We are talking about having a meet up soon!
4721521352981_.picAll the above reminds me of the year in Edinburgh. Back then we were all students but now we are everywhere in the cinema and making real things happen. Till now the FEC days are still one of the best times in my life. It is such a short year but I believe I have taken a lot with me when I leave. And I believe what I learnt and experienced at FEC is continuously helping me and affecting how I programme now. Not to mention that you two are the best mentors I’ve ever met 🙂
We just had a small scale Beijing FECer reunion with Tianyi, Titi, Yang Pei and me at 4731521353023_.pic_hdTianyi’s place. We talked about our life back in Edinburgh and memories of learning from you till late midnight. Yang Pei said it is like doing the FEC again in one night 😛 We will definitely soon have a party of all eight Beijing FECers!
Miss you so much! Hope I will get the chance to go back to Edinburgh again!