2For better or for worse Edinburgh University no longer includes hats as part of its fetching graduation ensemble. However consider twenty one metaphorical graduations hats flung into the air in celebration of twenty one fabulous Film, Exhibition and Curation students who graduated yesterday.

There was an amazing turn out from all corners of the world from our students and from their wonderful families, partners and supporters. A special shout out has to go to Isabel’s family who managed not only five family members from Colombia but four (count em) generations of the Cuadros Pedroza family who came to celebrate in Edinburgh. We know the cold might have come as a shock – especially to your brave granny – but it was fab to welcome them here. Denisse’s sister rounded out the Colombian contingent further still.3

Honourable mention in terms of air miles travelled of course to the Karambelas family from Vermont USA, who now feel like honorary FECers having previously also made the long trip over to take part in the Glasgow Film Festival in February. Great to meet lots of European families too: some execrable French was spoken (sorry Manon and Charline) and some worse Spanish (ditto Amaya)  – Kathinka’s parents can consider themselves as having got away lightly as I didn’t attempt German.

4There was some wee tastes of home for those whose families were just too far off; thank you to Fan for introducing us all to those delicious green tea cakes and to Deana for plotting how to continue FEC’s Chinese film presence in Edinburgh and beyond.

Fantastic too that Nell made it up from her archive traineeship at the British Museum in time to cheer on her classmates at the ceremony. Your encouragement of one another and mutual support has been such a feature of the last year; it was lovely to see it in action again.

We were sorry to miss Neal, Vera and Steven – though great to catch up via Carys on Steven’s current 5work in London. Lots of great updates on exciting jobs, interviews and future study possibilities were exchanged, we really look forward to hearing from you all about how it’s going.



The evening wound up in The Caves as FEC students showed they have not forgotten how to party: it felt very fitting to be back in the place where so many friendships were forged long ago on induction day last year. 5