FEC students Sonja Baksa and Jennie Shearman (2016) have been working with artist Isabella Rocamora as she prepares her upcoming exhibition. It’s been a fantastic opportunity for them to get to grips with the level of detail, focus and energy needed for such complex and intriguing work. It opens next week and we look forward to it very much. IMAGING FAITH



26 May – 13 July 2016
Tue – Sun 11.00 – 18.00
Private View: 25 May (19.00 – 21.00)
1, Summerhall, Edinburgh EH9 1PL

“A uniquely profound and moving comment on timely aspects of the human condition… Mesmerizing” Now Magazine, Toronto

Imaging Faith centres on Faith, a film triptych which intimately observes the act of worship of the three monotheistic religions in Jerusalem. Set in the wilderness of the Holy Land – the historically significant landscapes of the Judean desert, far from the built and contested territories – an Orthodox Jew (Cohen descent), a Greek Orthodox Christian (Father, Church of Nativity) and a Sunni Muslim (Quran reader, Al Aqsa Mosque) perform their morning prayers. In time, their synchronous action reveals an uncanny similarity of inner state and gestural intention. Questioning segregation while celebrating difference, Faith contemplates issues of human belief, inviting reflection on one of the most tragic, world resonating conflicts that persist in this new century.unnamed-2

In the adjoining gallery a series of still images depict Rocamora’s experience of Jerusalem, culturally and politically contextualising the film triptych. A dedicated reading room provides a contemplative space in which contemporary thinkers (historians, theologians and philosophers, including Gil Anidjar, Mark Cauchi, Victoria Rocamora and Simon Critchley) have been invited to curate passages from seminal texts in response to the themes of the exhibition.

Isabel Rocamora is a British-Spanish artist whose films have been widely awarded and exhibited internationally. Recent shows include the Koffler Gallery, Toronto (solo); CCC Palazzo Strozzi, Florence; the National Museum of Photography, Copenhagen and the Bologna Museum of Modern Art. Imaging Faith presents the UK premiere of this new body of work by the Edinburgh-based artist as well as the first exhibition of her work in Scotland.

Curated by Holly Knox Yeoman.