Alumni News

Rebecca PdleyWe’re very excited that Rebecca Padley (2015) was invited to join the wonderful Hidden Door festival as programme coordinator before she’d even graduated. She will have a big curatorial responsibility for the film strand and we wish her all the best for the festival. We know her FEC chums will be standing with her all through.

Charlotte micklewrightCharlotte Micklewright (2015) continues her fantastic work with artistic director, Peter Taylor, at the Berwick Film Festival and we know her incredible hard work, diplomacy and brilliant mind are fully appreciated.

Lauren Clarke


Lauren Clarke (2015) continues to dig into the archives with enthusiasm as researcher on a documentary for BBC Four about Antonia Bird, where her ability to grasp the rich, complex, little known but very important story of Bird’s career is much appreciated.

And exciting news from previous years’ students.

HaraHara Vlahou has recently joined the staff of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival and we look forward to hearing more about her work there.

PaulinaPaulina Kowalczyk is coordinating film/exhibition projects at the CCA Ujazdowski Castle. Currently she’s working on a show with Kuba Bakowski.