Alumni News

150323_RaabFEC graduate Rebecca Raab  (2013/14) writes with exciting news about the development of her career in film exhibition.

After having graduated from the MSc programme in Film, Exhibition and Curation I started a traineeship with the South West German Film Fund in Stuttgart in March 2015. I really enjoy my first job and feel there’s a lot to benefit from previous internships with international film festivals and my degree in Edinburgh. I especially enjoy working at the intersection between the mechanisms of cultural policies and the film industry. As a trainee with the event management and communication department I get an interesting insight in the different dynamics of film development, production and distribution against the background of a regional film fund which is, in turn, embedded into the federal system of German film funding. I’m enthusiastic about assisting the team with the organization of award ceremonies with international film festivals and local film premiers as well as dessigning regular networking events for producers and script writers. Moreover I am also in charge of the film fund’s print media and online communication plattforms. I am curios about the experiences this year of training on the job will come with and the films I will come across!
Here’s the link of the film fund’s website I keep up to date (unfortunately it’s only in German)