safe_imageLast year two former FEC students Theo and Hara (2011-12) worked for a festival in Syros Island, Greece. From that start they write to tell us of the development of the festival and to say thanks. We are immensely proud of their achievements and are chuffed to bits that Theo took the time to write and say thanks. Keep up the good work!
” Truth is we [Theo & Hara] pretty much took it over (animasyros International Animation Festival), along with a very energetic group of youngsters handling the media. And we nailed it. Big time. Like POW. Like Tommy Lee in his honeymoon. We’re talking gargantuan measures of success. And for us to nail it, it took a hefty amount of information from my not-that-old FEC [formerly FiPS]  notes. I read through the lines and extracted some Gaelic spells of YOU witches [Susan & Jane]; although we were pretty pragmatic, they all worked in perfect harmony with the founders’ demands, surpassing by far their expectations. Thus, I’d like to thank you both for providing me/us this precious info. It was really great to see many of the ideas initially conceived during our FEC sessions, materialized by the festival’s team with such results. Sas efharisto. Tapadh leibh.”