~Day 2/Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand. ~Chinese Proverb

Film Academy Screenings at the EIFF Day 2:

Another day, another wonderful programme, another appreciative audience, another well deserved set of congratulations.

Today’s event was again prefaced by Chris Fujiwara handing out props to the MSc FEC programme, to the innovative collaboration between student film-makers and student programmers, and to Susan for all her work in making this collaboration happen. Big thanks also to Screen Academy Scotland, London Film School, The National Film and Television School, and the EIFF for this fantastic opportunity.

Rebecca provided a lovely and warm introduction to the films, which really pulled out the themes of fragile individuals navigating fractured relationships. Your title (Pieces of You, a Bit of Us) was both nicely intriguing on first sight and, along with the clever programming, helped to guide audiences through these very different films.

And what a fantastic set of films they were. One audience member she said she was blown away by the quality of the film-making, so you really succeeded in showcasing the film-makers’ intentions and creativity to best advantage. Fascinating too that all but one films were made by women directors.

I hadn’t seen The Bicknell and, as with Pink Out, it proved a great start. The audience were audibly amused by it, interested by the form of 0.25, and made palpably anxious by Cocoons. On second sight I felt this really shone as the voice of a distinctive and maturing film-making talent. Lethe looked utterly stunning. It was clear that your thoughtful programming helped the audience trust your choices and to read the films. Thirteen Blue was another work which really worked in terms of your overall theme and your organisation of films.

Jane Sillars, Programme Director Film, Exhibition & Curation