Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I may remember. Involve me and I will understand. ~Chinese Proverb

A fantastic start to the Screen Academy Strand at the Edinburgh International Film Festival today. The first of three programmes curated by students of Film, Exhibition & Curation. Today’s programme, ‘Unspeakable Secrets’, worked particularly well, I thought, on how well the humour and contrasting other elements of reflection, allegory and real-world content played out. It was an engaging, entertaining and thought-provoking event. The audience thought so too – not only could I feel that their attention was fully captured when sitting amongst them, they expressed their enjoyment in real terms  – by their applause. Well done to the film-makers and the programmers alike.

Thanks to EIFF and the the film academies (Screen Academy Scotland, London FIlm School, National Film School) for this fantastic opportunity.

Look out for the announcement of the first ever FEC Awards on June 27.

Susan Kemp

Programme Director, Film, Exhibition & Curation.