Alumni Updates June 2014

lineup-splashNatalia Gonzalez Herrera (12/13) After graduating from FEC I got an internship in London at the cultural area of the Embassy of Mexico in the UK. I was there for three months working on the preparations for the activities that will be held in 2015, the year of Mexico in the UK and the UK in Mexico. A great professional experience after writing my master’s dissertation about the Mexican Film Industry and its impact abroad. I am now working in the production of a project called Papantla Brilla (Papantla Shines), in Papantla one of the venues of the Cumbre Tajín festival, celebrated in the Mexican state of Veracruz. The project consists of light art installations, crafted by local people, that will be placed throughout the town.  Film production workshops will take place for visitors and locals, and the videos produced will be screened in the central square’s pavilion. This is the link for the festival:

Parissima Darabiha (11/12) as been been at the BFI for the past few months and tells us, ‘I got my foot in, working on the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (now known as BFI Flare) for20140219-bfi-flare-london-lgbt-film-festival-programme-launch-2014-1000x750 a while. And now I’m back, working on their new releases. It’s just a temp job, but still, it’s quite exciting. And it wouldn’t have been possible without the two of you, and the amazing adventure that was the FEC course’.