Film, Exhibition & Curation – more alumni news


IMG_9704Hara Vlahou (Athens, Greece), a graduate from 2011/12 writes to tell us that she has been working as a production coordinator at the Animasyros International Animation Festival + Forum (www. animasyros.g ).


We are preparing the 6th edition of the festival as well as an Animasyros Openhouse Tour in other festivals in Greece and Cyprus. The festival includes animation film screenings, educational workshops for kids and adults, a professional forum as well as an international animation film market.  Working in a film festival like Animasyros is what I really wanted to do in my life – work while having fun!
IMG_9677At the same time I participate voluntarily in other film festivalsin Greece, such as 15th Thessaloniki Documentary International Film Festival or RE- Culture 2: International Visual Arts Festival Patras. Also next week I start working in ARTION Co. as a production manager in order to organise and curate the conferences/seminars/cultural events or exhibitions the company is going to held next year.